Meet The SPCC Counseling Staff

Elaine M. Bain, Ph.D.; LCPC

Executive/ Clinical Director


People seek out therapists for many reasons emotional, psychological, intellectual, creative and spiritual. Being a psychotherapist is a great privilege - to meet people at critical times, to come to  know them deeply, and to help them sort out bewildering, sometimes frightening, often painful   thoughts and feelings. Therapy is about relationships, past and present, and especially our relationship to our own interior. For it is a vocation to help people know themselves and make better decisions about their ives. I'm happy to see anyone, with the will, integrity, and courage to open up and work on themselves in depth. I am also open to integrating spirituality with psychotherapy always respecting the individuals beliefs, and philosophies.


Domenic (Nick) Cieri, MDiv, M.Ed, LGPC


I am a licensed and certified counselor who believes that God works dynamically through each of us to attain our best selves. Through challenges that life places before us we can, with the help of friends, family and professionals reach our goals for a balanced, emotionally healthy and happy life. I believe in a person oriented approach which shapes a process that is particular to each person and challenge. I have helped people for over 30 years to grow in wisdom, grace and love. I am also very accomplished in working with children and adolescents.




Deidre Everist, MS; LCPC
Deidre Everist is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with special interest in helping others adjust to personal and professional transitions. Deidre earned her Master of Science degree at Johns Hopkins University in Organizational and Clinical Community Counseling. Deidre’s professional experience includes working with issues such as co-occurring mental health and addictions, employee assistance counseling, counseling military families, staff and leadership development, group dynamics, career counseling, spirituality and gender-based group counseling. Deidre enjoys helping others access their inner resources and strengths to grow and develop themselves toward their full potentials.


Shannon Fritz; MS; LGPC

Approaching each client with reverence, I create a safe and sacred space for examining issues and developing clarity, increasing self awareness and leading to personal growth.  I help clients to address issues such as emotional distress, life transitions, family dynamics, low self esteem, trauma, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, anger management, and interpersonal problems.  I utilize an integrative approach, including cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, and attachment theories in a collaborative journey with the client toward healing, healthy relationships, and resilience.  I have a degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland.  I am a licensed counselor in the state of Maryland (LGPC), and I am certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NCC).


Donna Kilmore, MSW; LCSW-C
I have ten years of experience working with clients on a wide range of issues, using a variety of philosophical and clinical approaches. I believe that my work is helping people listen to themselves to gain insight into why their lives aren’t the way they want, and to then determine what direction they need to go to get there.

Barbara Lazar, MSW; LCSW-C


I have been providing individual, and couples, therapy for over 30 years. Areas of specialty in my clinical practice include relational issues, anxiety, depression, stress and health, life transitions, and work systems issues. People who have participated in psychotherapy with me often describe deriving value from increased awareness, insight and understanding about their past and present circumstances, both internal and external. These results have led to resolving external behavioral issues and increasing their level of internal satisfaction about their life experiences.





Romauld Meogrossi, PH.D; LCPC

I believe that clients have within themselves a drive toward health and wholeness which is freed up when they are treated with genuineness, acceptance and understanding. I have been a licensed professional counselor in Maryland for more than 20 years. I work with adolescents and adults struggling with a variety of problems. As a therapist, I begin by listening to my clients and taking great care to make sure I truly understand their problems. I also utilize cognitive-behavioral strategies. I pay attention to the therapeutic relationship and use it to better understand my clients and assist them in the change process.