Every person experiences stress in the normal course of life.

Stress often develops between people who interact closely with each other, such as husbands and wives, or co-workers. Stress can also be brought on by a major event in one's life, such as the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, or a failure in school or business. Many people struggle with emotional distress as a result of coping with these problems. They are in urgent need of help. Pastoral Counseling is a process of talking over, in strict confidence, the troubles a person is facing. The counseling is not focused on telling a person what to do, but rather, in helping the person explore the problems being faced, and the options available to resolve them.
Suburban Pastoral Counseling Center (SPCC) is a non-profit mental health center of licensed professional counselors and social workers representing a diversity of psychotherapy and spiritual disciplines. Services at this center include:
    Individual Counseling
    Pre-Marriage Counseling
    Marriage Counseling
    Family Counseling
    Seperation and Divorce Counseling
    Addictions Counseling

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